Criminal Law

In December 1987, Anthony had his first trial experience: a first degree murder trial that he participated in as a “second chair.”  In 1989 Anthony represented a different client in a first degree murder trial wherein he had his first verdict in a first degree murder case practicing on his own. In 1990, Anthony tried his first federal case: he represented the main figure in a massive federal cocaine distribution case in Georgia in which almost a ton of cocaine was seized. Since that time, he has enjoyed handling numerous cases throughout the years in both State and Federal court.

For over a decade, Anthony Meehan Genova focused primarily on the defense of individuals charged with violent crimes whose penalty was death or life in prison.  He is dedicated to protecting clients against constitutional violations and to ensuring that every defendant is afforded an effective defense against the Government. He also combines his trial skills with experienced investigators and an endless supply of experts. When you are faced with criminal charges, your freedoms and security are at risk. Anthony Meehan Genova, Esq. offers reliable and effective defense to protect your rights, your reputation, and your future. 

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